Printing In Microsoft Word

How To Print In Word

With the introduction of Backstage View in Microsoft Word 2010, the process of printing out documents now appears very much different. To see the printing options available, click the File tab > Print. The following panel will be displayed (click on the image to enlarge it).

Printing In Microsoft Word

Using this panel you can control:

  • Copies - how many copies of your document will get printed.
  • Printer - your default printer will appear here, but you can select others that are on your network.
  • What To Print - initially set to Print All Pages but you can change this setting to print a selection of pages, print the current page only or print a custom range of pages.
  • Print One Sided - this is the default, but you can change that to print on both sides of the page.
  • Collated - this setting tells Word how to collate multiple prints that you request. Do you want all page 1s printing first, followed by all page 2s etc. Or do you want an entire copy of the document printing before moving onto the next copy?
  • Portrait Orientation - the default is portrait orientation, but you can change this to landscape orientation.
  • Letter - the letter setting allows you to select from a set of commonly used letter sizes, for example, legal, executive, A3 etc.
  • Margins - you can alter the size of the margins that are used on your document here.
  • 1 Page Per Sheet - this is the initial default, but you can change it to be 2, 4, 6, 8 or 16.

Print Preview In Word

The old way of presenting a print preview of your document has become obsolete. Now, the print preview appears to the right of the print settings. You can page through your document by clicking on the page scroller at the bottom (the left and right arrows), you can jump to a particular page by typing it into the input box and pressing Enter, and you can also use the page up and page down keys on your keyboard to navigate the document.

Changing Printer Properties In Word

Sprinkled throughout the Microsoft Word 2010 user interface are links that perform commands. It's odd to see links instead of buttons on a modern interface, but I'm sure Microsoft know what they're doing! On the print panel, there are links to change the Printer Properties (at the top) and also the page setup (at the bottom).