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Electric Teacher is your one stop shop for Microsoft Office Tutorials. It's nearly three years since Office 2007 was released and Microsoft tell us that Office 2010 is just around the corner. Rumour has it that we should see it released mid way through 2010.

The Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview was released to the masses in August 2009 and the Beta version soon followed. There are even noticeable differences between the Technical Preview and the Beta version, so who knows what the "real" version will look like when it appears.

One thing is for sure - the ribbon is here to stay. Love it or hate it, you'd better get used to it!

Whisper: as you may have noticed, there's not much here at the moment.. But this is only Day One. You just wait til around lunchtime on day 23 - boy will there be something to shout about then!

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In June 2010, Microsoft released the new version of their essential productivity software - Office 2010. Users who are familiar with the ribbon interface introduced in Office 2007 will find the interface very familiar in Office 2010. The ribbon is constant but Office 2010 also sees the introduction of many new and impressive features .

Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business - 32/64-bit

Office Web Apps

Complementing the desktop versions of Microsoft Office 2010 are the Office Web Apps. For consumer customers, these are free web based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. As they are hosted on the web, no software needs to be installed on your computer. All your documents are stored in a free storage location called Windows SkyDrive that gives you a generous 25GB worth of memory to play with.

Working Your Way Around The Office Tutorials

I will endeavour to display links to "hot" tutorials on this page, while other less popular Office tutorials will appear in the appropriate categories (also linked to from here). This just in: we've just found a new site that is publishing Word Videos. We say "new" site because at the moment there are only three video tutorials on display, but they are good quality tutorials. Hopefully there'll be more Microsoft Word video tutorials on the way!