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If you want a stunning PowerPoint presentation, you're going to need some stunning graphics. What better way is there of polishing your presentations, and giving them that extra pizazz, than using one of our stylish backgrounds? Enough chat! First up are our bokeh backgrounds.

Bokeh PowerPoint Backgrounds

Here are 15 bokeh style backgrounds for your PowerPoint presentations. When you think of bokeh, you think of blur. In photography, the blur is on the out of focus areas of the shot. You can mimic this bokeh effect with these PowerPoint backgrounds.

Below are thumbnails (very small versions) of the full size bokeh background. Click on a thumbnail to get the full size image. You can then save it to your computer either by right clicking on the big image and choosing Save Image As, or, if your internet browser allows you to, click File > Save Page As. Find an appropriate location on your hard drive (for example, my folder is called backgrounds). In PowerPoint, you can then either insert the background as an image on a slide, or you can choose to format the background and specify it that way.

Each background is a whopping 1500px wide by 1200px high, so you should see lots of fine detail, unlike the smaller backgrounds that you have to stretch to cover the whole of your slide.

In future, we're going to make it even easier to get your presentations up and running by doing the hard work for you, and we'll insert the backgrounds into the PowerPoint presentations ourselves. Then all you'll need to do is download the presentation and amend it. Stay tuned for that.

Bokeh Background 1 Bokeh Background 2 Bokeh Background 3
Bokeh Background 4 Bokeh Background 5 Bokeh Background 6
Bokeh Background 7 Bokeh Background 8 Bokeh Background 9
Bokeh Background 10 Bokeh Background 11 Bokeh Background 12
Bokeh Background 13 Bokeh Background 14 Bokeh Background 15

More backgrounds on the way, right here on this page!