Adding A Table In Microsoft Word

How To Insert A Table In Word

In addition to using tables to present tabular data in a Microsoft Word document, you might also use a table to align blocks of text or other objects. To insert a table, click Insert > Tables > Table.

Insert a table in Microsoft Word

The panel that is displayed gives a representation of the tables that you could insert. In the image, I've hovered over the square that lies in the third column and fourth row. Clicking on that square, therefore, will insert a table with three columns and four rows. Indeed, as you hover over different squares, Word tells you at the top of the panel how many rows and columns your table will have. When you find a square that corresponds to the number of rows and columns you need, click on it and the table will be inserted into your document. The table is placed where your cursor is currently positioned.

Another way of adding a table to your Word document is to use the Insert Table option on the above panel.

Insert table window

In the Insert Table window that appears, you can specify the number of rows and columns you want your table to have, and you can also specify:

  • Fixed Column Width - if you leave this at auto, Word will decide how wide your columns will be.
  • AutoFit to Contents - the columns will adjust to fit the contents that are inserted into table cells in a column.
  • AutoFit to Window - use this if a table that you have pasted into your document from another application (for example Excel) exceeds the documents margins.
  • Remember dimensions for new tables - checking this box defaults the settings you apply here to all new tables you insert.