Shading Tables In Microsoft Word

How To Shade Tables In Word

Microsoft Word 2010 removes much of the need to spend time getting the shading right on tables in your documents. The table styles that come with Word provide a rich selection of different styles you can apply to your tables. Live Previews let you see what those styles look like without having to apply them. To apply a table style, place the cursor in any cell of your table and then click Table Tools > Design > Table Styles > More Button (bottom right of the Table Styles group). The following panel appears, displaying thumbnail images of the table styles available for us to choose.

Table Styles In Microsoft Word

These table styles offer combinations of borders and shading, some emphasizing header rows and some alternating row colours.

You can even format your table the way you want it to appear and then save it as a new table style. To do this, click Table Tools > Design > Table Styles > More Button > New Table Style, and the Create New Style from Formatting window will open.

Save A New Table Style In Microsoft Word

Name the style and ensure that Style type is set to "table". Make sure the other selections are correct (the default settings are usually appropriate) and then click OK.

The shading described above is applied using ready made table styles. However, you can apply your own table shading without using table styles. Select a cell or range of cells and then click Table Tools > Design > Table Styles > Shading. Select a colour from the panel that opens and that colour will be applied as shading.