Image Borders In Microsoft Word

Adding Borders To Picture In Word

In previous versions of Microsoft Word, you had to right click on the picture and choose the formatting options to add a border. In Word 2010, however, the process is quicker and much more simplified. To add a border to your picture, select it and then click Pictures Tools > Picture Styles > Picture Border. Select a colour from the swatches displayed and the border will be applied to the picture.

Picture Borders In Microsoft Word

To remove a border previously added to a picture, click Pictures Tools > Picture Styles > Picture Border > No Outline.

You have the option of specifying different attributes for the picture border using the panel shown above, as follows:

  • More Outline Colours - this option gives you the ability to use different colours than the theme ones shown in the initial panel
  • Weight - use this to increase the border width
  • Dashes - use this option to apply different styles of dots and dashes