Changing The Table Width And Height In FrontPage

How To Change A Table's Dimensions In FrontPage

By default, a table on a web page will adjust its size to fit the dimensions of the content filling it. Instead of leaving things to chance, you can specify a particular height and width for your table in FrontPage.

To do this, right click in the table and select Table Properties. When the Table Properties dialogue box opens, you can adjust the height and width of your table by typing the numbers directly into the appropriate input boxes. You can specify either the width or the height, both or neither - it's up to you. To open up either box for input, just put a check in its corresponding box.

Changing The Table Height And Width In FrontPage

Notice that you can specify units of either pixels or percentage by selecting the appropriate radio button. Using pixels will assign a fixed width or height to the table whereas assigning a percentage allows the table to scale with the size of the web page.

When you have set the table's width and height, click OK.

After specifying a width of 400 pixels in FrontPage, if you were to look at the HTML code for the table, you would see the following:

<table width="400">

You can also set a table's width and height using CSS (and the width and height of cells, too), but we'll save that for our CSS tutorial for hotshot teachers!