Insert A Picture From A File

How To Insert Pictures In Microsoft Word

The types of images that you can insert into your Microsoft Word document are numerous. You can insert Clip Art from Microsoft's Clip gallery, you can insert images created from graphics applications like Adobe Photoshop, photos you take with your digital camera, scanned images and images obtained from the internet. If you are using images from the internet, make sure you have permission to use them first (read about public domain images).

To insert into your Word document an image stored on your computer, click Insert > Illustrations > Picture.

Insert A Picture From A File In Microsoft Word

In the Insert Picture dialogue box that appears, navigate to where your image file is located on your hard drive, select it and click Insert. The picture is then inserted into your document where your cursor is currently positioned. It makes sense sometimes to press the return key a few times to make room for your picture before you insert it.

While the picture is selected (and immediately after you insert it, it will be), the Picture Tools contextual tab is displayed in the ribbon. This tab is home to all the image manipulation tools available to us. For some quick previews of the kind of effects we can apply to the picture, hover over some of the thumbnail images in the Picture Styles group.