Clip Art In Word

Clip Art: A Vast Resource

Clip Art is the term given to pre-made images that are ready for use in your Microsoft Word documents. There are many Clip Art categories, such as Christmas, Special Occasions, People, Business, Decorative Elements, Animals, Cartoons and many more. To insert a Clip Art image into a document, click Insert > Illustrations > Clip Art. As you can see in the image below, there are a number of different illustrations we can insert - and we'll cover them in further tutorials.

Inserting Clip Art Into Word

When you click on the Clip Art button, the Clip Art panel opens and is positioned to the right of the workspace. In this panel, you can search for particular subjects (such as the dog in the image below). You can also narrow down your search by using the Results should be drop down list to restrict the search to Illustrations, Photographs, Videos, Audio or multiple selections of those types.

Using The Clip Art Panel

If you find that not enough images are returned for your search, try searching again with the Include content checkbox checked. To insert a Clip Art image, click on it. Whilst the image is selected, you should see the Picture Tools contextual tab displayed in the ribbon. You can use the tools displayed there to manipulate the image. To delete a Clip Art image, select it and then press either the delete key or the backspace key.

Each time you open the Clip Art panel, you'll find your last search there.

To find more Clip Art on, you can click the link at the bottom of the panel.