Click And Type In Word

Type Anywhere In Your Microsoft Word Document

If you are familiar with Microsoft Office 1997, you may remember the days when to start typing in teh middle of a Word document, you had to press the Enter key repeatedly. After numerous blank lines, the cursor would be at the position you wanted to start typing. Since Word 2000, however, there has been a much easier way to position the cursor where you need it.

When you open a new Word document, simply double click where you want to start typing... and type.


As you hover the mouse over different parts of your document, you will notice a justification symbol that appears and is dependant on where in the document your mouse is. When you double click, the justification currently displayed is the one that is used for the text you type. For example, if you double click to the left of the page, Word will left align your text. If you double click to the right of the page, right aligned text is created and if you double click in the centre of the page you will get centred text.

The following image shows the justification symbol that is displayed depending on the mouse's location.

Click And Type In Microsoft Word