Adding Borders To A Table In Word

How To Move Add A Border To A Table In Word

Microsoft Word 2010 gives you a lot of flexibility in specifying borders for your tables. To have a look at the border options, first of all select your table by right clicking anywhere in it and then choosing Select > Table. In the Table Tools contextual tab, click Design > Table Styles > Borders (the down arrow to the right of the Borders button).

Adding A Border To A Table In Microsoft Word

The options here give you the ability to select all combinations of borders for the table: left, right, top and bottom, outside, inside etc. These options control which borders are displayed. To change the properties of the borders, i.e. the way they look, you'll need to use the Borders and Shading option at the bottom of the Borders menu. This option allows you to change the following properties of a border:

  • Style
  • Colour
  • Width

Often, you'll want to use a table to align objects on your page. In this case, the reader doesn't need to see the borders at all. To make the borders invisible, you can select the table and then click Table Tools > Design > Table Styles > Borders > No Border.