Text Wrapping In Word

How To Wrap Text In Microsoft Word

By default, when you insert an image into your Microsoft Word document, the image is inline. However, this arrangement doesn't look as good as it could. Let's change the text wrapping. The text wrapping properties are set against the image, so select the image and in the Picture Tools contextual tab, click the Format tab > Arrange >

Wrap Text In Word

The options for text wrapping are:

  • In line with text - the default setting. The image is part of the line of text on which it is inserted.
  • Square - the text flows around the image
  • Tight - the margins between the image and text are smaller
  • Through
  • Top and bottom - text appears at the top and bottom of the image
  • Behind text - the image appears behind the text, a bit like a background image
  • In front of text - the reverse of the above. The image actually obscures the text that it is in front of.

By far the most common way of wrapping text is to have the image embedded into the content like this:

Embed Image In Text