Word Animation

Animating Text In Microsoft Word

In versions of Microsoft Word up to and including Word 2003, you could apply text animations. However, the ability to add text efects and text animations was removed from the ribbon in Word 2007. If you know your VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), you can add it back, but we won't be covering that here.

If you are running a version of Word prior to 2007, you can add text animation by selecting your text and then clicking Format > Font. When the Font dialogue box opens, click on the Text Effects tab. Choose the type of animation you want by clicking on its name. You can have the choice of the following animations:

  • Blinking Background
  • Las Vegas Lights
  • Marching black Ants
  • Marching Red Ants
  • Shimmer
  • Sparkle Text

When you click OK, the animation will be applied to the selected text.

Text Animation In Word 2007

Since text animation was available in versions prior to Word 2007, it could be present in older documents. Therefore, even though you are using Word 2007, you might still see text animations. How frustrating to see them but not be able to apply them! Well, there is a sneaky way to create text animation in Word 2007: open up an old document that does contain text animation, select the animated text and copy it (ctrl-c). Paste it (ctrl-v) into your new document. If you continue typing at the end of that text, the animation will be applied to the new text you type.

To Display Or Hide Text Animation

To display or hide a text animation in Microsoft Word 2003, click Tools > Options > View, and then select or clear the Animated text check box.