Microsoft Photodraw Tutorials

Microsoft Photodraw Tutorials

If you are creating a website then you will need to create or modify graphics. Introduced as part of Microsoft Office 2000, Microsoft Photodraw is a good tool for creating graphics for the web. With Microsoft Photodraw you can create images from scratch or modify existing images. It can handle raster images (like photos) and also vector images too.

Here's a selection of tutorials that should get you up to speed with Microsoft Photodraw.

Drawing And Painting

  • Drawing tools
  • Painting tools
  • Modifying photos
  • Artistic Brushes
  • AutoShapes
  • Shapes

Fill And Stroke

  • Adjusting the fill
  • Adjusting the stroke

Working With Images

  • Using Clipart
  • Adding an image from file
  • Visual Insert
  • PhotoDraw Content

Photo Enhancement

  • Adjusting brightness and contrast
  • Fixing red eye