Thumbnails In FrontPage

Creating Thumbnails In FrontPage

The use of images on your web page can help explain things and illustrate your point to readers. However, there is a cost associated with displaying images. A cost in time. If you have many large images on your web page, they may slow down that page's load speed i.e. it will load slowly. This phenomenon is less of a problem in these days of lightning fast broadband connections, but should you find yourself with a slow loading page, you can be sure that it will frustrate your visitors.

One way to tackle the problem of huge images slowing load times is to display a smaller version of each image. The smaller version is called a "thumbnail" image and clicking on it leads to the viewing of the full sized version. Presenting images this way means that visitors only click on the images they want to see, and load times aren't affected too much by images they don't want to see. To turn an image into a thumbnail follow these steps:

  • Select the image you want to convert to a thumbnail by clicking on it.
  • Click on the Auto Thumbnail button from the pictures toolbar which is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Your image will automatically convert to a thumbnail and it becomes a hyperlink to the full sized version.