Microsoft FrontPage Themes

FrontPage Themes

In Microsoft FrontPage, you can add a theme to an individual page or the whole website. The theme consists of bullets, background image, buttons, banners, hyperlink colour, font colours and styles, table colours and horizontal lines. As you can add a theme by the click of a button, you can see how automating the process of changing the look and feel of your website is a big timesaver. FrontPage comes with many built-in themes to choose from and there are other websites on the internet where you can find additional themes.

To add a theme in FrontPage, click Format > Theme. In the Themes dialogue box, select the theme you want to apply by clicking on it in the left hand pane. A preview of the theme will be displayed in the right hand pane. Using the checkboxes at the bottom left, you can filter the themes to get a subset that meet your requirements. After you make your selection, click OK and the theme will be applied to your page.

Adding a theme in FrontPage

Using the top two radio buttons you can select whether to apply the theme to just the selected pages or the whole website. Although you are starting off with a pre-made theme, you can actually modify it to your liking by using the colours, graphics and text buttons. When you're happy with your changes, you can even save it as a new FrontPage theme for future use using the Save As button.