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Adding A Table In FrontPage

In these days of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) mastery, you may get frowned upon if you use tables to layout your web page. Nevertheless, many web designers still use tables to line up elements on the page. If you have not yet discovered how to layout your page using CSS (and you should!), then stay tuned to find out how to add a t6able in FrontPage.

Incidentally, using pages to display tabular data is OK. For example, if you want to display student names and their test scores, using a table to do that is fine.

There are a couple of different ways to add a table in FrontPage. In the first method, place the cursor where on the page you would like your table to go. Click on the Insert table icon from the standard toolbar. Drag down until you have the required number of columns and rows selected. When you click the table will be added to your page.

In the second method, click Table on the menu bar > insert > table. In the Insert Table dialog box, type in the number of rows and columns you want to add. Click OK and the table will be added to your page.

Add A Table In FrontPage

Actually, there is a third method: click Table on the menu bar > draw table. The mouse will turn into a pencil. Click and drag a rectangle that represents the bounding box of your table on the web page. You can continue to use the pencil to add rows and columns.