Creating A Website In Microsoft FrontPage

Inserting Images In Microsoft FrontPage

Using Microsoft FrontPage you can plan, create, and work with web sites. However, before we start designing and creating our web pages, we first need to set the site up to hold those pages. To set up your website in FrontPage, click File > New > Web. Select a FrontPage web type from the options listed. If you click once on each option you will see a brief description on the right side of the screen. Specify a location on your computer's hard drive where your website will be stored and click OK. If your adding a "sub site" to your main site, select Add to Current Web. You can now create, edit and delete web pages on your new website. When you have finished making your changes, save the site by clicking File > Save As.

Before you even touch FrontPage, it's always a good idea to sketch out roughly how you want your website to look. You use your sketches to define the layout. Once the layout is defined, you can fill it with content. For example, you'll want to add text, hyperlinks, pictures, and interactive buttons.

Adding Pages To Your Website Using FrontPage

Now that your website has been created in FrontPage, we can add some web pages to it. Click File > New > Page. Choose the first tab (General) to select a regular page. If you click once on each page you can see a preview and description of it.

If you want to create a frames based page (argh!) select the second tab (Frames). We will not be looking at frames in this tutorial as they are the Devil's work.

To create a stylesheet, select the third tab (Style Sheets). Cascading styles sheets (CSS) is the way of the future and we'll be covering this expansive subject in other tutorials. Repeat the mantra "Tables are bad (unless presenting tabular data) and CSS will cleanse my soul".

You can add text to your newly created web page, simply by typing.