Import Web - FrontPage

Importing A Web In FrontPage

In FrontPage you can import a web page that you created using another web design program (for example Adobe Dreamweaver), a page that you created in HTML or even a pag ethat someone else designed, in order to learn from their work. Importing a web in FrontPage is a great feature for importing a web that was created elsewhere.

To import a web click File > New > Web. When the New dialogue box opens, click on Import Web Wizard.

Import A Web In FrontPage

Type in the location of the new web in the appropriate box. This will be a location on your computer's hard drive. Click OK.

Import Web Wizard In FrontPage

Type in the location of the website if it is on the internet. The best way to do this isn't actually to type the URL in manually. Instead, just visit the website and select the URL in your internet browser's address bar. Usually, you will only have to click once in the address bar to select the whole URL, though this may change from browser to browser. Copy the URL by pressing ctrl-c and then return to the import web wizard dialogue box. Paste in the website's URL by pressing ctrl-v and then click Next.

In the next dialogue box, select the download amounts and then click Next. Click Finish. The web site or web pages you specified will be downloaded and put in a new web in FrontPage. You can now work on the website.