Spellcheck In FrontPage

Spellchecking In FrontPage

When you publish your web pages, the whole world will be able to see them. If you care about your content, you will want to proofread it to spot spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. As well as casting an eye over your writing yourself, and doing this process manually, you can also run the spellchecker in FrontPage.

By default spellchecking is turned on to work as you type. If you misspell a word a red wavy line appears underneath the incorrect word. To run a spell check on your page once you've finished, click Tools > Spelling, and the spellchecker automatically runs. You can also click on the ABC button from the standard toolbar.

Adding A Banner In FrontPage

FrontPage only runs a spell check. There is no facility to check your grammar like there is in Microsoft Word. So naturally, one option we have is to copy the entire text into a Word document and see what grammatical errors Word finds. We can then correct them in Word, and when finished, we can copy the text back into FrontPage.