Resampling In FrontPage

Resampling An Image In FrontPage

When you insert an image into Microsoft FrontPage it will retain the original size of the image. If you resize the image by clicking and dragging on the resize handles, it will appear smaller but the size of file will remain the same thus affecting the download time of your page. If you resize an image so that it's smaller than its original size you should use the resample button after resizing. This will reduce the file size of the actual image. To resample an image follow these steps:

  • Select the image by clicking on it and then resize it by dragging on the resize handles at the corners. The corner handles retain the proportions of the image when you drag them.
  • Click the resample button (on the Pictures toolbar on the bottom of the workspace).
  • Not only will the visible dimensions of the image be reduced, but the file size will be too.