Publish In FrontPage

How To Publish Your Web Page In FrontPage

Publishing your web page is the last stage in content creation for your website. If you leave your newly created or amended page on the hard drive of your computer, only you or people on your network will be able to see it. If you want the general public to be able to view your web page, you need to publish it. This means transferring it (uploading), usually using FTP, to where your site lives on its web host.

Of course, if you are making your changes to the files that actually exist on your web server, then the pages that you change are already published and you won't need to upload any files. However making changes to your website by amending the "live" files is a very dangerous way of going about it! If possible, always make your changes on a test machine (that means your computer!) before uploading the changed files to the remote host. Doing it this way means that you can check your changes before they go live. If you've made any mistakes, either with coding or with spelling errors, at least you will be the only one to see them.

To publish an updated web page click File > Publish Web. There is also a Publish Web icon that you can click that will do the same thing. When the Publish Web dialogue box opens, type in the IP address of the server where your website lives. Click OK. This will upload your web page and replace the existing one so that your changes will be seen by everyone.