Creating A New PowerPoint Presentation

Creating A New PowerPoint Presentation From Scratch

There are a variety of ways of creating your PowerPoint presentation, and one of them is to start from scratch. In doing so, you are creating your presentation from a blank presentation, and you have much more flexibility over how it looks. In another tutorial, we will look at how to create a presentation using templates, but for now, to start from scratch click the File tab > New, and the following panel will be displayed (click the image to see a larger version).

Create a PowerPoint presentation from scratch

Ensure that Blank presentation is selected. You can click on the thumbnail image to select it if it isn't, and then click Create (see hints in the image above). A new presentation based on a blank presentation opens for you to start work on. As soon as you can, save the presentation so you don't lose any changes. Learn how to save your presentation.

If you want to sacrifice flexibility for speed, you may prefer instead to create a presentation using a template.