Microsoft PowerPoint For Presentations

Learning PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the presentation program that most people think of when asked to give a presentation, and is ideal for classroom use. The tutorials and external resources listed below will give you the perfect introduction to using PowerPoint.

An Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

Here is a list of PowerPoint tutorials designed by us to get you up to speed with PowerPoint. They take you from beginner level to intermediate and touch on a few advanced subjects.

Externally Produced PowerPoint Tutorials

Many PowerPoint tutorials on the net are quite dated as they use pre 2007 versions of PowerPoint. For that reason, I've done some searching to find more up to date tutorials, and I present the results here! I've found the following PowerPoint tutorials to be pretty good:

Other Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial Sites

The following sites provide good PowerPoint tutorials, some more in depth than others. Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 surprised everyone with its radical change in interface - the ribbon. A mere three years since its release, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 is nearly upon us. Use those two resources to get up to speed with either version.

Microsoft PowerPoint Books

Here is a list of the better PowerPoint books that are available from Amazon: