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PowerPoint Templates can help you create stunningly attractive presentations that will wow your audience, with the minimum of work from you. You pay your money, download the template and then modify it in any way you see fit. Professional PowerPoint Templates are pretty cheap at the moment, but if you look hard enough, you can find free templates that are of a similar high quality - for free! Because you asked nicely, we're providing our newly designed PowerPoint Template free of charge for a short period of time only. Download it now and use it how you will.

Once you've downloaded the template, open it in PowerPoint and you'll see placeholder text on every slide. Simply click into placeholder text box and start typing to replace the dummy text with your own.

This template uses no images so it's very fast loading. The predominant colours are hues of blue, but with a striking flash of red (in the footer). There are placeholder text boxes everywhere so you should find it easy to type in your own text.

When you click on the link, you'll probably be asked to find a location on your hard drive to save this PowerPoint to - find one and then open it. At least if you have it saved on your computer, you always have a starting point to revert back to if "things go wrong".

Yes, there'se only one template here at the moment, but blooming 'eck, give us a chance! We've only been at it two minutes. There'll be loads up there shortly.