Deleting Slides In PowerPoint

Removing Slides

Now that you've learned how to add slides to a presentation, the time has come to learn how to delete unwanted slides. Deleting slides can be performed in three ways. Select the slide and then

  • Press the delete key on the keyboard
  • Pres the backspace key on the keyboard
  • Right click on the slide and select Delete Slide

Also, there are a variety of places that you can delete the slide in question. The easiest way is to work in Normal View (on the View tab, in the Presentation Views group, click Normal). You can then work on either Slides or Outline tab: find and select the slide you want to delete and then press the delete key. You can select multiple slides by holding down the control key as you click on additional slides. If you press the delete key now, you will delete all the selected slides. If you have a group of slides that run in sequence, you can select them all by selecting the first one and then holding down the shift key whilst you click on the last slide.

If you have many slides to delete, you may find it easier from an organisational point of view to work in Slide Sorter View (read all about PowerPoint Views). The same process applies: select single or multiple slides and then press the delete key.