Padding And Spacing In FrontPage Tables

Changing The Padding And Spacing In Your Tables

When using tables in your web pages, you need to think about cell spacing and cell padding. Cell spacing controls how much space there is between table cells, whereas cell padding controls how much space there is between the content of a cell and its borders. The content of a cell might be text, an image, or another piece of media.

To adjust the cell spacing and cell padding attributes in your FrontPage table, right click within your table and select table properties. You can either type in precise number for the padding and spacing properties or you can click and hold on the up/down arrows on the right of the corresponding input boxes.

Adjusting Cell Padding And Cell Spacing In FrontPage Tables

Note that the units used by the spacing and padding properties are pixels. Once you have modified these properties to your liking, click OK to see those changes applied to the table.