Online Portfolios

What Is An Online Portfolio?

Students are often fascinated and excited about the prospect of seeing their work online. Students can choose only their best pieces of work or they can select everything for a comprehensive collection. Some examples of online portfolios are written samples like poems, reports and stories. However, portfolios can contain other material, such as math work, social studies, science etc.

Students are encouraged to facilitate the evaluative process by commenting on their work.By doing so, they learn to critique their work and become more introspective their writing. You can see how an online portfolio can demonstrate a student's development over time.

This page contains links to other pages that will inspire ideas for your online portfolio. You'll learn how to create them for your own classroom, including how to work with graphics and even scan your student's work. There are some good examples of portfolios on show, so take time to look at a few.

Online Portfolio Resources