Merging Cells In FrontPage Tables

How To Merge Table Cells In FrontPage

When presenting data in a table, you will often need to merge cells together to create one big table cell. If you have worked with Microsoft Word or Excel, you may already be familiar with the concept. You might want, for example, to add a title to your table that takes up the entire first row. This is easily accomplished by merging all cells of row 1 and then typing your title there.

To merge cells in a table, first of all select those cells and then click on the merge cell button on the tables toolbar. The cells will be duly merged. Here is an example of a table that has all the cells in the first row merged:

Here IS A List Of All My Friends!
Darryl Peter Simon
Gary Wei Jason
Barbara Paul Andy

If you know a little HTML, you can probably identify the code that performs the merge. It's this bit here:


The rest of the table has 3 columns per row, so we are merging 3 columns: hence colspan="3".