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Inserting Images In FrontPage

Providing images to illustrate your concepts can be a big help in enabling your readers to understand your content. Sometimes images are merely "nice to haves", but at other times they are necessary to get a point across. When inserting images in FrontPage, the Pictures Toolbar is our friend. Using this handy toolbar, we can not only insert images, but we can modify the properties of images that already exist on a web page. The FrontPage Pictures Toolbar is like the light sabre of the web design world (in the FrontPage region, at least!).

The Pictures Toolbar allows us to add text to an image, create thumbnails automatically that hyperlink to larger images, position images absolutely, bring an image forward and send it backward as well as rotate and flip it. FrontPage also has some interesting image editing capabilities: you can adjust the brightness and contrast of an image, crop it, change it to black and white, bevel and also resample it. All these features are available on standard FrontPage menus but the Pictures Toolbar holds them all in one convenient place.

When you insert or import an image into FrontPage, and the image doesn't reside in your web site's images folder, FrontPage first creates a copy in the images folder. It is this copy that is inserted onto your web page, not the original. This means that any changes you make to the image affect the copy and if you decide to scrap your work, you can easily revert to the original. If the image already resides in your images folder, you should make a copy of it so that you retain the original before making changes.

Let's insert an image in FrontPage: cllick Insert > Picture > Clip Art. When the Insert Clip Art Gallery dialogue box opens, click on the category you want to use, or search for a particular keyword. When you find an image you like, right click on it > insert, or click on the image and then click the insert icon.

Insert An Image In FrontPage

The image appears on the web page. You can resize the image by clicking and dragging on any of the corner handles. You'll find that when doing this, the image retains its proportions.

The FrontPage Pictures Toolbar

The above method involved the use of the menus. You can also insert and image using the FrontPage Pictures Toolbar. To enable the Pictures Toolbar click View > Tools Bar > Pictures.

The FrontPage Pictures Toolbar

Hovering over each button in the toolbar will display a tooltip that describes what the button does. The following command buttons are most useful at this stage:

Insert An Image In FrontPage Using The Pictures Toolbar

From left to right, the buttons:

  • Insert an image
  • Add text to an image
  • Create an auto thumbnail