Public Domain Images

What Does It Mean For An Image To Be In The Public Domain?

Most content on the internet, whether it be pictures, video or music, is protected by copyright law, whether the creator realises that or not. However, privately created and owned materials are not always protected by copyright law. Public Domain is where content whose copyright has expired is moved. You can use such public domain content without the permission or authorisation of the previous copyright owner. In addition to the public domain containing material with expired copyrights, it is also home to many government records. You'll also find content there that has not had the proper copyright protection put in place.

The links on this page refer to material that was public domain at the time of writing. Please verify that the images published are still public domain images if you are thinking of using some of them. Many people simply take an image they find from a website, thinking that it is free for public use. It's not always the case, so don't be on the receiving end of copyright law, and always check.

In summary, public domain images are not copyrighted, have no rights reserved, and are free for any personal and commercial use.

Public Domain Images

Here's a selection of public domain image resources: