Crop Image In FrontPage

How To Crop An Image In FrontPage

Sometimes an image includes too much background or you might want to focus more on a specific point in an image by stripping away distracting areas of the image. Whatever the reason, you will find that cropping the image will help. Cropping an image eliminates sections of the image that you do not want to display.

Ordinarily, you would crop your image in an image editor such as Adobe Fireworks or Photoshop. However FrontPage has the facility to crop images so you don't even need to leave the program. To crop an image in FrontPage, first of all select the image you want to crop. Click the cropping tool icon on the Pictures' toolbar which can be found at the bottom of the screen.

The Crop Tool In FrontPage

The image should now have a dotted border around it with dragging handles. Drag the handles to position the rectangle to represent only the portion of the image you want to keep. Everything outside this bounding box will be cropped. Clicking on the crop tool again crops the image.