FrontPage Counter

Add A Counter in FrontPage

A counter simply counts the number of visitors to a particular web page. Although they are useful for letting a visitor know how many other people have visited your page, you will probably already be tracking your visitors using some traffic analysis package like Google Analytics (it's free and very easy to use).

FrontPage has a built in counter feature. In order for the counters to work the web server that you publish your web page on must have the current version of FrontPage extensions on them.

To insert a counter onto your web page using FrontPage, place the cursor where you want the counter to appear (most people put them at the bottom of the page, but the choice is yours). Click Insert > Component > Hit Counter. When the Hit Counter properties box opens, choose the type of counter you want by clicking on the radio button next to your choice. If you want to use your own image for the counter, click on custom picture and navigate to the image you want to use on your hard drive.

It's possible to reset the counter to any number by clicking in the box and typing in the number. You can do the same for displaying your desired number of digits. Click OK.