Classroom Web - Purpose

Decide On A Purpose For Your Classroom Web

Before you start creating your classroom web, you first need to know what the purpose of the website is. If you can specify precisely what that purpose is beforehand, that will help your site become much more focused. Not having a clearly defined process is a recipe for going off on a myriad of tangents when you start creating web pages. It's a good idea to look over the reasons other teachers have created websites for their classrooms, to inspire your own. When deciding on the site's purpose, it helps to consider who your audience will be.

Reasons For Having A Classroom Web

Here are some reasons why you might have a classroom web:

To Enhance And Promote Your Curriculum

One focus for your site could be to build and enhance your curriculum online. Using a classroom web can allow the learning process to take place anytime and anywhere. Students can access class notes, worksheets, objectives, lessons, and curricular resources even when they are at home. Parents and students can see what is being taught at a given time during the year. You can highlight your units or themes of the month or just add the units you are currently working on. If you want the focus to be on the curriculum you teach then you need to be adding your units of study, and also converting your worksheets to be able to be placed online. This can be a time consuming project but if you keep adding a few units or themes each year then you'll find that your library of curricula will soon begin to grow.

To Provide A Student Resource

You can create a rich resource to assist your students in the subjects that you teach. Find sites that support the subjects you are teaching. They can be content related sites, quizzes, online educational games, or you can even create your own site. Students can use the resources you cite to help them with their studies and projects. Your intended audience here is the students themselves.


You could provide an informational resource for both students and parents. The content for such a site could include calendars, nightly homework, spelling lists, test dates, field trip notices, etc. Parents and students would all benefit from this resource. You could use it to explain an instructor's course, the requirements, assignments, etc.

Student Work

Another focus for your classroom website could be to promote your students' successes. You could use it as a forum for sharing student work. Of course, for this you would first need permission from both the students and parents too, before you publish any work.

To Provide A Resource For Teachers And Parents

It's sometimes helpful to share your work with other teachers. You could create a page of links that other educators may find useful. These types of pages can also be beneficial for parents who are looking for ways of helping their students.