Good Examples Of Web Page Design

Good Web Design

Web creating a design for your website, you walk a fine line between usability and style. On the one hand you want to create a breathtakingly stylish website - but if you go to far with snazzy graphics, you run the risk of making your content hard to read and your navigation difficult to find. If, on the other hand, you aim for high usability, you might err on the side of creating a design that doesn't use enough colour or graphics and that visitors find boring.

There is a fine line indeed between a design that appears too "busy" and is hard to use and a very plain site. There are no rules you can follow that can guide you in this, and even experienced web designers can get it wrong. What I thought I'd do is provide some examples of good web page design for you to look at.

Examples Of Good Web Design

Get Response

Get Response Design

Most designers of web sites that provide online marketing services will have spent a lot of time thinking about the interaction between their site and their visitors. Their livelihood depends on making their websites as usable as possible and on gently guiding as many visitors towards a "buying decision" as possible. Just look at this design (click on the image to enlarge it).

Immediately we see two buttons that draw your attention. Marketers call them "calls to action" as their purpose is to evoke one response from you and one only: to click. So teh buttons are prominent, but they are set against a backdrop that is very pleasing to the eye. Moving down, we can see that the bullet pointed list is using a lovely large font size that makes its reading very easy. The bullets themselves are attractively substituted with images. And the text is dark(ish) and on a white background, also making it easy to read.