Adding A Border To A Graphic In FrontPage

Graphic Borders

You can create different effects by adding borders to the objects on your web page and images are no exception. Images often look better with a border, and if you don't have an image editor to hand (like Adobe Fireworks or Photoshop) to add one, then you can do it in the HTML with FrontPage itself. Bear in mind that the default colour for the border will be black.

To add a border to your image in FrontPage, right click on the image and select Picture Properties. Go to the Appearance tab and adjust the value for Border thickness. You can change it by either typing in the number yourself or by clicking and holding on the up or down arrows to the right of the input box. The larger the number the thicker the border, and to remove the border again, simply set the thickness to 0.

Adding A Border To An Image In FrontPage

Adding Borders With CSS

There is usually more than one way to skin a cat, and some ways are better than others. Using CSS is a much better way of adding borders to your images. To add a border to all images, use this CSS rule:

img {border: 1 px solid black;}

Stay tuned for our upcoming CSS tutorials.