Create A Bookmark In FrontPage

Adding A Bookmark in FrontPage

Using bookmarks, otherwise known as anchors, on your web page is a very good idea if your page is long or unwieldy for your visitors to otherwise navigate. What many webmasters do is provide what looks like a table of contents at the top of the page, consisting of links to the bookmarked sections below. Visitors click on these links and jump to the bookmarked point on the page.

To create a bookmark in FrontPage, select the text you want to bookmark. This can be one word, a line or a paragraph. My preference is to just anchor one word. Click Insert > Bookmark. When the bookmark dialogue box opens the selected text appears in the bookmark name. You can rename this if you like. Click OK.

Type in some text at he top of the page (or, indeed, anywhere on the page) that you want to link to the bookmark and then select it. Click on the hyperlink icon on the standard toolbar. Click on the down arrow next to bookmarks and select the bookmark that just created. Click OK.