Adding A Website Banner In FrontPage

Website Banners

You can display a banner on your website for a variety of reasons. Maybe your banner consists of a logo, or maybe you're using it to advertise another website, or even advertise something on your own site. Whatever use you put your banner to, it usually resides at the top of the web page and runs horizontally across it.

If you are using a theme in FrontPage and you add a banner it will automatically add the image that is set for a banner that matches your theme. If you are not using an image then only the text will be added for your banner. The banner also automatically hyperlinks to the previous page. (The page the current page is linked from).

To add a banner, first of all click on the page in the location you want the banner to go. Then click Insert > Page Banner. If you are using a theme, you can select Picture and a page banner with an image that matches your page will be added. If you want text to appear on the banner, you can type that in the Page Banner Text box. When you click OK, the banner will be added to your web page.

Adding A Banner In FrontPage