Web Hosting

You Need Web Hosting To Publish Your Site

Web hosting is where the pages on your website live. Just like your Word documents live in folders on the hard drive of your computer, web pages live in the storage space provided by your web host.

These days, web hosting is pretty cheap. There are many web hosts that provide "unlimited":

  • Bandwidth - how much "stuff" gets downloaded from your website. There is no limit to the number of visitors your site receives and how many pictures they look at, or videos they download.
  • Domains - you can host as many domains as you want to create.
  • Webspace - your website can be as big as you like.

I put quotes around the word "unlimited" because it's not physically possible to provide limitless resources. What the providers of unlimited packages mean is that the limits are so big that they wlll exceed the requirements of most webmasters.

You should be able to get an "unlimited" hosting plan for as little as $5 / month.

Many web hosts offer extra services that webmasters find useful. For example, they might offer:

  • Free web stats - they tell you how many visitors your site got yesterday, this week, this month etc
  • Third party software - you get "one click installs" that allow you to install other software like blogs, forums etc.
  • Set up of email addresses

Before anyone can visit your website and actually see web pages there, you will need to upload all the files that comprise your website to your webhost. You will usually do this using an FTP client. Typically, if you have hand coded your web pages using HTML, those .html files exist on your computer's hard drive and will need FTPing to your web host.