URL - Uniform Resource Locator

What Is A Uniform Resource Locator?

Uniform Resource Locator is a long way of saying the address of a page on a website. This is the full address that you see in the address bar of your browser and it uniquely identifies every web page on the internet. If your domain name is called nicecakes.com and you have a page about French Fancies called french-fancies.html, then the URL of this page is nicecakes.com/ french-fancies.html.

Alternatively, you may want to use folders to organise your website content in a similar way to Windows Explorer. If you put the french-fancies.html page in a folder called "tasty", then the URL of this page would be http://nicecakes.com/tasty/ french-fancies.html.

You can melt your brain reading more about uniform resource locators here if you wish!