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PowerPoint is the de facto presentation program from Microsoft. It's use is so widespread that you would be hard pushed to find an office whose workers don't use a copy of PowerPoint. Whether you need to put together a quick presentation of this year's sales figures for the management team or you need to create a polished slide show for the company stockholders, Microsoft PowerPoint is the tool of choice.

With Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 the task of creating dynamic and high-impact presentations has never been so steamlined and easy to manage.

This page contains a collection of links to PowerPoint downloads and other assorted utilities that will help you in your day to day use of PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Downloads

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Download

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 hasn't been released to the public yet - but that doesn't stop us from trying out the beta!

PowerPoint Help Download

This download is actually for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, but it's still very illuminating.

PowerPoint Viewer Download

One of the most popular PowerPoint downloads, PowerPoint Viewer allows you to view full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint, even without having PowerPoint installed.

PowerPoint Templates Download

When the templates that come with PowerPoint just aren't enough, download some more!