You Set The Nameservers To Point To Your Web Hosting

Nameservers provide the link between your domain name and where your web pages are hosted. A web host has nameservers that you set your domain to use. Usually they provide 2 nameservers that you have to enter in your domain control panel. Any changes that you make to nameservers usually take a few hours to take effect.

If you swap web hosts, you will need to update your domain's settings to point to the nameservers associated with your new web host. Of course, your web pages will need to exist in your new host's webspace too.

What the nameserver does is actually map the human recognisable domain name to a numeric address (the IP address). But you don't need to know that. All you need to know is that the nameservers you type in for your domain need to be the ones that your webhost tells you to use.

We can get quite technical when exploring such things as nameservers (and go here if you want to read more in depth stuff about nameservers) but for our basic, let's get up and running purpose, you should now know enough.