A Day In The Life Of - 3

A Day In The Life Of Sagar And Tyler - 3

We would like you to meet Tyler and Sagar. Tyler is seven years old and Sagar is seven as well. Tyler lives in upstate New York in a city called Oswego, while Sagar lives in Northern India in a city called Lucknow. We followed each child for a day to get an idea of what they might do in a typical day. The purpose is compare and contrast the lives of two children of relative age living in opposite sides of the world. What are the similarities and differences. As you might imagine there are both. Take a look at their story


Tyler On The Computer

Tyler is busy on the family computer.

Tyler Coloring

Some of Tyler's other favorite things to do is to play the computer. He loves to write stories. Click here to see some of his stories. His other passion is drawing. He loves to color and even won a local coloring contest. Tyler is very inquisitive and loves to learn. His favorite dinner food is macaroni and cheese with chocolate milk. After dinner his Grandmother came over to visit and they worked on building a small garden in their side yard. They would grow squash and cucumbers. Tyler was very excited and worked hard at turning the soil.

Tyler Planting Seeds

Tyler showing his packets of seeds he will be planting.

Tyler Digging

Tyler is busy turning the soil.


Sagar On The Computer

This is young Sagar Gandhi working on the computer, browsing through a CD encyclopedia for kids.

Sagar Studying

This is young Sagar studying at his study table. Click here to see some of his poems and a story he wrote.

Sagar and his Harmonium

Here we have our Sagar Gandhi playing the Harmonium and singing. I wonder whether you have seen this instrument? Its kind of a portable piano invented by a famous medieval Indian musician about 400 or 500 years back. Sagar doesn't collect anything but is learning music and singing. He can play a number of instruments and sings in Hindi and English (western music) styles. He knows a number of devotional songs and can sing them rather well.