Adding Date And Time In FrontPage

How To Add The Date And Time In FrontPage

Displaying the date and time that a web page was last updated is a good way to show readers how old the content is. For static information, for example historical accounts, the last update date and time isn't important but for topical news items it becomes more so. The update date can also tell the reader whether anything has changed since the last time they visited the page. If nothing has changed, they can leave the page knowing that they are up to date, but if something has changed, they can continue reading.

The published date and last change date are both commonly seen on content management systems (CMS) like Wordpress and Joomla.

To add the date and time a page was updated in FrontPage, first of all click somewhere on the web page where you want the date to go. You can also add some text, such as "Last updated on". Click Insert > Date and Time. When the Date and Time Properties dialogue box opens, make your choices and then click OK. You can specify the date and time format here.

Adding Date And Time In FrontPage