Create Certificates In PhotoDraw


Creating certificates in PhotoDraw is a breeze. It certainly helps that PhotoDraw comes with a plethora of certificate templates. Just follow these simple instructions, and remember that ctrl-z (undo) is your friend!

  1. Open up PhotoDraw and click on the Templates button and click on business graphics.
  2. Click on certificates in the right hand pane.
  3. Choose the certificate that you want to use. Viewing the examples will require that you have in CD 2 from PhotoDraw, which is CD 4 if you have Microsoft Office Premium edition.
  4. For purposes of this activity I will select Summer Certificate and click on next from the right hand pane.
  5. For this particular certificate you need an image of the student. Click on the browse button and find the file of the student's image.
  6. The image will actually be behind the image of the certificate. You can enlarge/shrink and position the picture so it appears in the center of the flower. You use the handled to resize and click in the center of the image to reposition the image.
  7. Click on the next button from the right hand pane. Type in the title for the certificate. You may need to resize the text.
  8. Click on next and then finish.
  9. Make any other changes to the award that you want.
  10. Double click on the other text and replace Name of Recipient with the student's name.
  11. You can then save the certificate if you want or just go print it out.